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Jamie Stagg has over 30 years working as a light vehicle mechanic at an A grade level and he has a passion for cars that is second to none.

As an owner of classic and modern vehicles himself he has a clear understanding of all aspects of the mechanics within both new and old cars and even fleet vehicles.

Jamie and the team at Stagg Automotive all take great pride in their work no matter what the vehicle may be. They also have all the latest technology at their finger tips to help them diagnose, repair and service your car in the most efficient and effective way.

Jamie has always held a high standard in his workshop to ensure your vehicle is in top mechanical condition, because of this he is a well respected Accredited RACQ Automotive Repairer.

Jamie enjoys to give that personal touch, you can really talk to him and tell Jamie exactly what you would like to have repaired. Jamie will also guide you in helping you to understand what your vehicle requires.

This is step by step car information and care at its best!

All at a fair competitive price.


Customers of Stagg Automotive get to know more about what their car needs and what it doesn't!

And you will always have a good idea of what your car might need next service, so no more surprises!

This means a more reliable and longer lasting vehicle.


So book your next service or vehicle repair in with Jamie at Stagg Automotive.

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