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 You can help to keep your Car running...

By following some simple tips:

1. Always check your vehicles oil and water when washing your car, remember only when the engine is cold though.
If you are not sure ask one of our friendly staff to show you how.
2. We recommend using premium unleaded in all vehicles, it will give you better fuel economy and help your engine last longer as it has a cleaner burn capability. 
3. Service your vehicle every 5000 to 7500km!
This will ensure a long lasting life, well past
the warranty specified service life of your vehicle. 
Servicing your Car on a regular basis...
It is not a Cost, it is a Saving! 
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Client Testimonials

Had my car serviced by these wonderful mechanics, diagnosed and fixed problems properly, called me before doing anything. They even cleaned my car!!! Thank you so much!!!!  Jolene

The best mechanics around , with the best prices too, always friendly.  Blair

Best mechanics around, very impressed with the service. My cars running like New.

Thanks guys!!   Bell Marie


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